Moving to Canada

In 2015, I moved to Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada. We had the first thought of leaving in 2013/2014, when my father received a job offer. He, said that it was a good opportunity, and that we should all go. At the same time, my brother was finishing high school, and was applying to different universities. Originally, he planned on going to Kent University, but my father said to him that he was planning to go the next year to test out whether we would be able to adapt to the difference in culture, climate, etc. My brother decided to apply to the University Of Saskatchewan, and got accepted. Next, we had to decide where in Canada to move, as he had gotten multiple offers in multiple different cities. There were offers from cities ranging from Toronto, to Calgary, to Vancouver but of all places, he picked Regina. Like, no offence to him, but of all places, he picked Regina. We could have been in a big city, like Vancouver, but he chose Regina. Where is the logic? I don’t mean any offence to the people of Regina, but what? Really? Anyway, we decided on Regina. My father and my brother moved to Canada in the summer of 2014, and we came to visit Regina in the winter of 2014. Then, we decided that we were going to move. On the 20th of July, 2015, we landed in Regina, and we were officially residents of The City of Regina. We lived in an apartment across the street from where we live now. We bought our house on October 15th, and moved in on October 20th. Overall, moving to Canada was an interesting journey, and I am happy to be here.

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The Momo Challenge- Blue Whale V.2?

Photo Credit: Flickr via Compfight cc

The Momo challenge is essentially just an anonymous user hiding behind a weird picture, telling kids to kill themselves. The challenge is aimed at children aged 8-12, where they’re most susceptible to threats, ranging from ‘cut your hair’ to ‘kill yourself and your family’. She threatens to curse your family and will come in the night and will kill you while you’re sleeping. The challenge was created a year – two years ago, where it would just message people telling them to kill themselves. The challenge’s popularity died down, and people stopped caring about it. However, the people behind the Momo hacked the cartoon show Peppa Pig and put this song in the episodes.

Personally, I believe that the media is making a big deal out of nothing. While it is tragic that some children have carried out the tasks that Momo asks, it was a much bigger problem around a year ago, where it resulted in many lives lost. I don’t believe that it is worth worrying over right now, compared to last year. The only reason it’s gotten this much publicity all of a sudden is that it has now transferred to Youtube Kids, even though it has been on the main Youtube app, which is easily accessible by all, for over a year. An article by CNN says:

“So this has been around for a while. And the reason that it’s probably getting the kind of scrutiny and attention that it’s getting is because of its appearance in younger kids’ content,” she says. “And because of that, and because of the accessibility, coupled with the frustration for parents, I think it’s just a fever pitch of, ‘Here’s one more thing that YouTube is exposing kids to and not taking any accountability around.'”

Overall, I personally believe that, while it is a threat, it was a much bigger threat before, and the fact that there was virtually no news about it is messed up.


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Going to Spain (twice)

I have visited Spain twice in the course of two years. I have gone to Madrid once and Barcelona once. My father originally went to Barcelona for a conference. When he came back he said that he really liked the city and that we should go. Flash forward a few months, we were boarding a flight to Barcelona. The hotel we stayed in was Hotel Diagonal Zero. It was a very comfortable hotel and would recommend it. In Barcelona, we visited many landmarks, such as the Sagrada Familia, The Camp Nou, and other important places.

About The Camp Nou:

The next year, We decided to go to Madrid, as our past experiences in Spain were pleasant. We went to a hotel near the city centre. Personally, I enjoyed Madrid better, as there was much more of it to get lost in. There was also nice ice cream.

Overall, I enjoyed going to Spain, and hope to visit it again in the future. It was an enjoyable experience, and one of my favourite vacation spots I have ever been on.

Madrid Skyline:


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Creative Commons (CC)

Creative Commons is an organization or group that provides free licences for images. Creative Commons is important, because if there weren’t Creative Commons, finding images to support your opinions in media such as videos, and blogs would be extremely hard. Copyright is a big problem, and if you were to not adhere to Copyright laws, you could potentially lose all the money you made off of that. Even worse, different companies can come in and take the revenue for media that includes content that doesn’t even belong to him. Overall, Copyright is a very serious problem, and you should be aware of how to combat it. There are many different types of Creative Commons.

One example is CC-BY, which means that you can you can remix or share the work, but the original maker must be credited. Another example is CC-BY-SA which means that it is the same as the previous one, but all other derivatives of the images must carry the same terms. The third term is CC-BY-ND, which means that you cannot make any derivatives of the original image. The fourth CC-BY-NC, which means that you can remix the images, but cannot use it for commercial gain. The second-to-last law is CC-BY-NC-SA, which means that you can change it and use it non-commercially, but they must credit you as the source. The sixth law, and the strictest of all of them, CC-BY-NC-ND. This law says that you can download and share it, but can’t use it commercially, or change it. You also must credit the original image maker as the source.

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My First Post

Hi, my name is Salih, and this is my first post. I plan on blogging about travelling, specifically about the places I’ve visited or lived in. I’ve been to many different places, and have lived all over the world. To find out about my adventures around the globe, you can visit my About Me Page.

I am blogging as it is an assignment for my Technology class, and will plan to be posting regularly.

As you can see, I created my absolutely stunning avatar on Cartoonify. I, personally, found the interface easy to operate and the result was amazing. If you want to make an avatar for yourself, try Cartoonify.

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